Recently, Nationwide bank has changed its credit cards and debit cards policy on the use of abroad. In their policy they had to not charge customers to use credit cards and debit cards on the use of outside Europe.

After a long period now they have decided to charge for their services if a customer uses his credit or debit cards outside the Europe. It will be charged by Visa.

Recently, it has been seen that Nationwide has charged 0.84% for every transaction to those customers who have used their cards outside of continental Europe and other countries along with Israel.

On the debit cards also same fees will be applied. From the July the charge will be raised by 1% for Visa.

According to the Google Press Association a Nationwide spokeswoman said, “It’s not our fee, it’s a third party fee. We have absorbed it up to this point. But we have to look at the product in the whole and the other benefits we offer our customers.”

By the policy the customers who are using Mastercard cards of Nationwide rather than Visa cards are not affected.

According to Steve Blore of Nationwide said, “”As a prudent organisation, we have to maintain the balance between offering competitive products while ensuring they are sustainable in the long term, particularly in the current economic climate. Our cards remain commission-free when used anywhere in the world and customers using their cards in Europe will not receive any charges, as the Visa fee does not apply here.”

It is unexpected news for the users of credit cards and debit cards of Nationwide bank. It is one of the biggest financial building societies of Europe. In spite of the charge by Nationwide bank it is lower than others credit and debit card providers because they typically charge commission about 2.75% on abroad transactions.