I have already told you my situation and experience about ICICI credit cards job in my previous post. Now, I want to let you know in details about my training for ICICI credit cards job.

Our 1st day was introductory class with 50 guys. At 1st our trainer asked about us in short then he proceeds to the training. In the beginning of training he asked about ICICI but no one replied. I was known about ICICI but wanted to listen him so, I remained silent. He surprised that no one knows about ICICI. But I was not surprised because I was aware that all are from small villages of India and everyone has requirement of an urgent job so, they can do anything for job.

He started, “ICICI is one of the largest banks of India in private sector. ICICI mean as Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. It has large network in all over India of its branches and ATMs. 1st time in 1994 ICICI established Banking Corporation and later it was renamed as ICICI Bank Limited. By the formal establishment it started its services taking deposits, credit cards, car loans etc. In 2001 it acquired Bank of Madura and became India largest bank in private sector.” It was an introduction for us by our trainer to attach with ICICI bank’s credit card services. It was for trust towards ICICI bank.

Second day, there was only 30 guys in 50. He started, “Credit is the trust of a person by a service or system. By that credit a system gives credit cards to use that while you have no money.”

He told us to say customer, “ICICI credit cards are free for whole life. It has no annual charges, no interest rate, no hidden charges etc. If you get a credit card of ICICI then you will be an insured person by default. ICICI offers death insurance if you crash in airplane or in train. A condition is applied with this that your ticket should book with your credit card. Any customer, who uses their credit cards to purchase any product, will get credit of 50 days. Within 50 days if a customer pays their credit amount then he would be bound to pay any interest and other amount. If he doesn’t pay then in next time he would have to pay 2.3% interest rate on whole purchasing amount”

It was great offer by ICICI credit cards to attract any customer but it was only in theory because there are many banks with lots of offer with their credit cards also. So, it was competitive age of banking services.

Last day we were only 15 guys in our training. He started, “you have to collect some information and documents if a person agrees for credit cards. You have to collect one ID card, 1 address proof, 2 photos and one valid phone number.”

All these things were in our training to convince a customer but reality was far away from theory. We had no way to convince customer. We had theory but we had no practice to convince a customer to make ICICI credit cards.


When I came in Delhi I started to search a suitable job for me but I was unable to find out myself. That time one of the friends recommended me to do marketing job. I was absolutely unaware from the marketing job. But I decided to do. He talked to his another friend who was the manager in a DST of ICICI credit cards branch.

The DST was far away from my home. That time I had no any business so pocket was also empty. My friends had same problem. That time in that DST I joined with my 3 friends. All are from small towns and village.

We had not enough money that time to travel by bus on our work station. However, our manager has satisfied us to promise of 4500 Rs. salary per month. We had target to get about 30 credit cards interested customer in a month. If we succeed then we get salary otherwise after 3 months we will be fired. However, in a month we had to submit about 15 credit cards interested person in a month at any cost otherwise we had to loose our salary also.

We got 3 days training in that institution about the credit cards and credit cards making process. In these training periods we felt that it is very hard to convince customer about the making of credit cards. After having completed 3 days training we got a job by our manager and team leader with the lecture of making money. He said, “If you work here consciously, smartly and very hard then you can get money as much as you want in a month. See, I am the manager here and in just 2 years in this field I get more than 60 thousands in a month. My consistency has made me a rich person. You have a great chance to boost your career in marketing field. So, start your work from the day and get convinced customer to make a credit card.”

We were inspired with that lecture but that inspiration was only for some days. Next day we had to go in a market near a bank or ATM machine and had to convince customer to make credit cards of ICICI.

I went 1st day and that was my last day because no one ready to listen our talk. Some guys like our already there to convince customer.

We were very distressed and after that day we never turned around the ICICI DST to submit the firm of credit cards.

During the training period we learned about credit cards. Credit is the trust of yours character which a bank recognized and give you some money on that credit to expend for your requirements. ICICI credit cards give you major facilities. If you purchase something from credit card then you will get the credit of 50 days credit to pay your money.

Before make a credit cards a bank decide about negatives and positives areas. All the colonies, villages and unauthorized areas are in the negative categories of banks. Call center employees, software company employees and this type of irregular employees are also in the negative categories.

After this banks need some documents also to get a person credit card. If you are employed then need a salary slip. A work number and home contact number are needed. An address proof and an identity proof are also needed.

After the getting trained I thought the job is as hard as to get a people credit cards in India. These are the banks which decide who are capable to pay credit cards bill after that they make credit cards. ICICI credit cards making job was not my 1st job however I learned many thing about the banks and credit cards.