Recently, the news effectively came in light that all credit cards companies are trying to reduce rewards points.

Credit Cards issuers are much frustrated due to huge losses and more expensive while, they are getting less attractive redemption points as rewards. They are attracting to the card holders that if they use cards more often to earn the redeem points, they can get cash back or to fly somewhere.

An analyst at FBR Capital Markets, Scott Valentin said,

“To the extent that interchange is cut, you will see a pretty lineal impact on rewards. You could see rewards being 10 or 15 percent more expensive for consumers. If you have a 25,000 reward points for an airline ticket, it might go to 35,000 or 40,000”

To cut rewards or on raise fees, Michael Kon who is the analyst of Morningstar Inc said to ET,

“You either cut rewards or raise fees, because you have to have a credit card industry that is viable and generates a reasonable return.”

According to the analysts, the credit card industry is not making money until 2011. However, companies are trying to great reform in this industry.

Above analysis clearly state that banks are busy in reducing credit cards redemption points. We always see to promote banks their cards along with some great offers. Customers also are going to make their payment frequently to get some redeem points. In these conditions banks should decide to cut the charges from their clients not from their customers.

Here all things are opposite; banks are busy in reducing redemption point which is benefits of customer. They are not targeting corporate or sales offices where the credit cards being used to purchase goods very frequently.

Things are clear here, it is the collaboration of banks and corporate world. Here is nothing for a customer who uses credit cards.