Within a very short time, Barclays has already made waves in India. Its corporate banking services cater to the needs of the leading Indian corporations, both small and big. It offers finances, payments and cash management services, treasury service, trade finance and deposits to name a few.

Its credit cards give the liberty to its customers to choose their date of installment payment, just like its loans that come with smaller monthly installments. Perhaps, because of this liberty, Barclays has become the most sought-after bank for the people who know about it. Till date, Barclays has only 5 offices in India and it is spreading. It has its presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Junagarh, Kanchipuram, Nelamangala. Some of the products and services of this institution are various kinds of loans, savings account and deposits, credit cards, NRI banking services, Online banking, mobile banking etc.

Barclaycard Gold is one of the Barclays credit cards that offer seven different types of options for payment which can make your life manageable and easier. It provides the options like MINC drop boxes, online payment, Skypak drop boxes, visa money transfer, NEFT payment, cash payment at various branches across the nation and electronic clearing system. In addition to this, the customers can have balance transfer, reward points’ option and the EMI conversion. It also comes with other surprises like Bon-Appetit offer, City-wise offer and national offer.

In order to be eligible for one of the Barclays credit cards like the Barclays Premier League card, a prospective card holder must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 70 years. He must be a citizen of India. The applicant must also furnish documents pertaining to proof of address, identity, income etc.

As regards Axis bank, some of the Axis bank credit cards are the Platinum credit card, Gold Plus credit card, Gold credit card, silver credit card, secured credit card, e-shop credit, Subhiksha credit card, Magnet Loyalty credit card, corporate credit card and Shriram credit card.

The minimum amount due on Axis bank’s corporate credit cards is the sum a customer is required to pay to keep the account in good standing. It is calculated at 5% of the total amount, the customer is subjected to a minimum of Rs.100. Any amount that exceeds the credit limit is added to the minimum amount due.

The credit limit of these cards is the maximum amount that the customers spend via the credit card in one billing cycle. This limit is related to the income of the credit card holder and the limit can also be changed on the basis of the payment and transaction history of the customer.

The cover detail and claim procedure of the Axis bank and Barclays credit cards is that in case of the loss of life of the customer in whose name the card exists, the customer’s beneficiaries shall receive the benefits of accident insurance. But, the important point to be noted here is that this personal accident cover will be valid only if the card has been utilised by the customer at any establishment or ATM for cashing in money within 90 days of the occurrence of the accident.