December 2008

There are many banks which provide good and attractive credit cards to people. The Standard Chartered credit cards have got unique features which really cater to the needs of their users. One can save much on his monthly budget.

The habit of carrying cash and going out for shopping is soon going to disappear. It has been predicted by many financial experts all around the globe. Today, most of the people in various developed and developing countries like to do shopping with the help of credit cards.

There are multiple benefits related to the usage of credit cards. In India also there are many credit card users. In the very beginning when these cards were completely new in the Indian financial market almost everybody were sceptic about their usage. However, the contemporary scenario turned out to be really surprising as these days the number of credit card users are quite surprisingly very high.

Modern people have become very intelligent as they know which credit cards they need to choose. Now many of them keep multiple cards of various banks and whenever they come across an attractive offer in malls or shopping outlet they prefer to use those particular cards which can offer them maximum profits. The Standard Chartered credit cards are very much popular when it comes to giving maximum profits to their card users.

Various types of credit cards are offered by Standard Chartered Bank and each of these cards come with their own respective features. If one uses these credit cards in various shopping outlets then he or she can also win reward points. Later on, these reward points help him in getting cash back or availing discounts on shopping of various items.

The Standard Chartered credit cards also offer great discounts while booking railway and air tickets. So, now you can save much of your expenses whenever you plan to travel. If you are going for a vacation with your whole family then the usage of these cards would let you have attractive discounts on air or train tickets.

If the weekends are approaching then with these cards you can book PVR tickets for your whole family. It is sure that you would get free PVR tickets according to various offers. No need of standing in a long queue for getting the tickets of your favourite movies. You can opt for internet booking which would let you book tickets in advance at a great discounts.

Most of the Standard Chartered credit cards have 50 days interest free credit period. Do not worry if your monthly salary gets delayed or if you run out of money in the end of the month. These cards have got good credit limits which you can use to meet all your day to day expenses. Every month you will get the credit card statement and then you can drop a cheque to pay off the monthly credit card bills. A few names of the Standard Chartered credit cards are : StanChart Manhattan Platinum Card, Standard Chartered Platinum Card, Standard Chartered Emirate Platinum Card etc.


Some years before, nobody knew about the plastic money. But today, Credit cards are in vogue. Almost, every person wants to have such a card because it is a very useful tool to track his expenses.

If somebody possesses such cards and wants to go for shopping, he is not required to carry too much money with him. Whenever you shop anything with your plastic money, the bill charges are sent to the bank for the approval. The bank approves the bill and sends the statement on its website. You can also save this statement on your personal computer. An individual can also book his or her seat on railways and aeroplane by using these cards. With Credit cards, one can withdraw money any time from any ATM machine and that too without any hassles. The card holder can also request for a draft by making a call. A person can also apply for a personal loan against the cash or credit limit. For applying the loan, one need not deposit any documents.

With the help of this card, one can also enjoy online money transfer from one account to the account. Whenever a person uses the card, he can earn some reward points. There are many banks that offer the credit card facility such as State bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI bank etc.

ICICI bank is one of the largest banks in the terms of issuing credit cards. This bank gives exclusive offers to its card users. ICICI credit cards help you to manage your finances. ICICI bank brings a wide range of credit cards, for instance, ICICI bank picture credit card, ICICI bank EMI credit card. The person can choose the card according to his or her requirements. This bank offers many facilities to its card users such as auto debit, Internet banking, dial-a-draft, EMI on call etc. The user can pay his bills like phone bills, electricity bills etc., with the Online payment facility. He is not required to go personally for the paying these bills. An individual can even withdraw the money with his card from any ATM centres. There are a large number of ATM centres of ICICI bank all over India. Every time on withdrawal and deposit of money to the bank account, one can also get the email statements and mobile alerts.

ICICI credit cards also offer services such as reserving the railways seats by the online facility without any hassle. Booking by credit card, a person can also get cash back offers that is given by the bank. With Cash In feature, the card holder can also take loan from the bank depending on its card limit. A person can avail attractive rate of interest on loans. On each transaction, one can also earn reward points. The user can also make a request for a draft from the home with Dial-a-draft facility. This bank also provides the EMI on call facility that allows you to purchase anything and make your payments in easy installments.

In other words, credit cards provide many facilities to its users. A person can use such cards without any problem because they are acceptable in almost numerous places.

When it comes to the discussion of the most extensive ranges of credit cards that are useful for several kinds of usage then the name of SBI credit cards come on the top.

The financial scenario of India has drastically changed with the implementation of electronic banking. With the blessing of Internet technology, now the banking chores and financial transactions have become much flexible like never before. One of the latest additions in the present scenario of online banking is the credit card. Credit card is basically a plastic made triangle shaped card which is equipped with a unique chip into it. A credit card allows the users to make financial transaction, transfer money, online purchasing and other financial activities with supreme flexibility.

Now you will find hundreds of banking institutions in the country, which offer different categories of credit cards that are specially designed for different types of usages. When it comes to the present scenario of credit card providers, then the names of SBI credit cards come on a remarkable position. The State Bank of India offers an extensive range of credit cards to its customers which fulfill different kinds of facilities to the card holders. Let’s discuss about the various kinds of credit cards offered by the bank to make a clear idea of which would be best suitable for you.

SBI offers its extensive range of credit cards in the names of GoAir SBI card, SBI railway card, SBI Vishal mega mart card, SBI silver cards, SBI social card, Hero Honda SBI card, SBI Gold cards, SBI platinum cards and so on. Different credit cards are designed to help the users in different ways.

One can use the GoAir SBI credit cards in over 24 million outlets across the globe. The users can withdraw cash from 1 million VISA ATM counters. These cards also facilitate you to buy just about anything and let you repay the amount in monthly instalment basis.

The SBI Silver card is a superb type of credit card offered by the bank. The users will get the advantage of cash back in various departmental stores, groceries, restaurant and utility bill payment. By making transaction through these cards the users will get the benefit of 0% fuel surcharge.

The SBI platinum cards are literally the credit cards for the elite class of people. Through these cards, the users will get exclusive travel advantages of cash access across the world, international power points, travel related assistance services and so on.

The lifestyle credit cards of SBI also have world-wide acceptance. The users will also get the advantage of cash on the go. These cards provide the advantage of utility bill payment facility and teledraft facility.

So, from the above discussion one thing is quite clear that the SBI credit cards are available for all sort of financial needs and all class of people. Like such cards, the popularity of the Canara bank credit cards is also on the top among the people of India.

Credit cards are meant to empower people with higher purchasing power, special rewards and added advantage of availing hotel stay, flight tickets, shopping bonanza, gift certificates etc.

Credit cards, a type of plastic money, seem to have turned into a necessity from a fancy. Previously, they were mostly pointed out as ‘vanity of wallets’ by the critics and those who defended a random use of credit cards. People would love to flaunt their haughtiness and status by the number of credit cards peeking out of the pockets of their polished leather wallets. However, presently banks and financial organisations have devised multitude of cards to make diverse ends meet of diverse types of users. As a result, both the masses of card members and multifariousness of cards are increasing.

It is utterly difficult to find out whether the increased number of users influences from introduction of various cards or if the variations in credit cards result in-from the growing interest amongst people. Whatsoever be the case, credit cards are evidently becoming one of the most preferred modes of carrying money and payment. Credit cards also give access to online banking benefits to the users. Members can take advantage of online banking for making payments, balance transfer, recharging their mobiles, paying electricity and other bills and in knowing remaining credit limit too.

Diverseness in cards is brought up to complement to purchase and payment ability, and also lifestyle of people. For example, there are frequent fliers and travellers who may opt for credit cards, especially designed for them, to get discounts on ticket booking, reservation of accommodations, booking of car rental services, cost-effective deals on shopping, visiting places, amusement parks or eating at fine restaurants etc.

Freedom of Purchasing

Credit Cards : Freedom of Purchasing

Multiple categories of credit cards assist people in multiple ways including acquiring reliable health check up and wellness programs, for business and corporate people to offer them special business class benefits with special rewards and money saving advantages to help managing their expenses better. The business users are also entitled to higher credit limits to aid extended capacity to spend money, especially when they are touring on either business or pleasure purposes. Business credit cards include special facilities to help corporate people managing employee care with add on cards for employees. Business cards also assist cardholders distinguish their personal expenses from business expenses as well as offer users with many additional perks and rewards such as airline rewards, cashback rewards etc.

If you are mainly focus on availing rewards, then concentrate on the reward point credit cards and cash back credit cards. These kinds of cards offer yielding incentives for using cards to purchase. While purchasing with these credit cards, the users accumulate points which they can redeem with various kinds of rewards. Cashback credit cards offer cash rewards to card members when these members use them more. Points and cash rewards increase as the usage of the cards gets higher. If you are a punctual credit card payer and do not indulge in postponing your payment cycles, then this type of credit cards suits you better. Otherwise, you have risks of accumulating repayable amount which would one day appear as a too large amount to pay off and generate bad credit reports for users. While cash back credit cards offer rewards in cash, the general reward point credit cards offer rewards in kind on rolling up of points. These rewards can be anything such as gift cards, jewellery, electronic gadgets or home appliances, stay at premium class hotels or suites, flight tickets and many more.

If you advocate shopping, the best way to de-stress and most enjoyable leisure, then apply for any retail rewards card or credit card offering ease of payments. Retail rewards credit card team up with prominent branded retailers ubiquitous around the world. On shopping from those retailers, card members receive rewards, either in cash or reward certificates. There are also those basic cost curtailing credit cards like low interest cards that may charge lower introductory APR before starting to charge higher rates after particular period, also may offer fixed interest rates etc.

People should not let their money stored in the banks which do not even pay good interest to their money. They need to look for those banks which offer attractive savings and current account interest rate. Such banks always provide many benefits which are profitable for people.

Banks are the most important financial institutions which keep money in safe. If there were no banks, then what would have happened to people’s money? The answer to this question would be an assumption but surely would point out a disadvantage for the further growth of money. This is because banks not only take care of money but they also pay good interest for the money deposited.

Suddenly, people have started taking great interest in banks deposits. The reason why these people have suddenly started taking great interest in banks deposits is because most of the banks have renewed their savings and current account interest rates. People are getting huge interest on their deposits.

Different banks offer different interest rates on money deposit with them. The kinds of interest rates offered on high interest saving accounts and current accounts differ from banks to banks. So, people should always deposit their money with a bank which is well-known for offering lump sum benefits.

It is known to all people that savings account gives them more interest than that of current accounts. Both of them give different benefits to different people depending upon their uses. Savings account is basically meant for those people who would like to get more interest on their saved money. On the other hand, current accounts are specifically meant for people who are into businesses and often need the deposited money for investment purpose or for their urgent business requirements. One thing has to be noted that the current account interest rate is lower than that of savings account.

Whoever is interested in making more money for them can use the savings bank accounts. For businessmen, current accounts should be given preference. If people deposit money for a long term period, then they would definitely get more added money to the amount deposited initially. In this case, high interest savings accounts are the most suitable accounts. Depositing money in a savings account for year or two would definitely earn more money.

There are many banks which offer attractive current account interest rate although businessmen withdraw money frequently. How is it possible to get attractive interest rates if business doing people often withdraw money from their current accounts? Yes, it is surely possible to get attractive interest rates, if these people maintain the minimum balance stated by the respective banks.

How do people come to know about various interest rates offered by various banks? It is quite easy to find out. This is the most advanced age in which people are living in. This is the age of internet technology or the age of World Wide Web. Prospective banking customers, interested to know kinds of interest rates given by various banks, can visit the websites of respective banks or financial institutions. These websites contain all kinds of information regarding savings as well as current interest rate.

Is it possible to withdraw money from current account from any ATMs at any time? Yes, people can withdraw money at any time from any ATMs from their current accounts. However, there are certain things which have to be kept in mind. If businessmen have signed an agreement with his bank to maintain a minimum balance, then he cannot withdraw this minimum balance without the consent of the bank. In case, people withdraw this minimum balance before the time-period is completed, then these people would be deprived of interests. Hence, current account interest rate suits all businessmen.

Within a very short time, Barclays has already made waves in India. Its corporate banking services cater to the needs of the leading Indian corporations, both small and big. It offers finances, payments and cash management services, treasury service, trade finance and deposits to name a few.

Its credit cards give the liberty to its customers to choose their date of installment payment, just like its loans that come with smaller monthly installments. Perhaps, because of this liberty, Barclays has become the most sought-after bank for the people who know about it. Till date, Barclays has only 5 offices in India and it is spreading. It has its presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Junagarh, Kanchipuram, Nelamangala. Some of the products and services of this institution are various kinds of loans, savings account and deposits, credit cards, NRI banking services, Online banking, mobile banking etc.

Barclaycard Gold is one of the Barclays credit cards that offer seven different types of options for payment which can make your life manageable and easier. It provides the options like MINC drop boxes, online payment, Skypak drop boxes, visa money transfer, NEFT payment, cash payment at various branches across the nation and electronic clearing system. In addition to this, the customers can have balance transfer, reward points’ option and the EMI conversion. It also comes with other surprises like Bon-Appetit offer, City-wise offer and national offer.

In order to be eligible for one of the Barclays credit cards like the Barclays Premier League card, a prospective card holder must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 70 years. He must be a citizen of India. The applicant must also furnish documents pertaining to proof of address, identity, income etc.

As regards Axis bank, some of the Axis bank credit cards are the Platinum credit card, Gold Plus credit card, Gold credit card, silver credit card, secured credit card, e-shop credit, Subhiksha credit card, Magnet Loyalty credit card, corporate credit card and Shriram credit card.

The minimum amount due on Axis bank’s corporate credit cards is the sum a customer is required to pay to keep the account in good standing. It is calculated at 5% of the total amount, the customer is subjected to a minimum of Rs.100. Any amount that exceeds the credit limit is added to the minimum amount due.

The credit limit of these cards is the maximum amount that the customers spend via the credit card in one billing cycle. This limit is related to the income of the credit card holder and the limit can also be changed on the basis of the payment and transaction history of the customer.

The cover detail and claim procedure of the Axis bank and Barclays credit cards is that in case of the loss of life of the customer in whose name the card exists, the customer’s beneficiaries shall receive the benefits of accident insurance. But, the important point to be noted here is that this personal accident cover will be valid only if the card has been utilised by the customer at any establishment or ATM for cashing in money within 90 days of the occurrence of the accident.

Do you know that credit cards is known as “plastic money”? Basically in European country it is most famous. Most of the people are dependant either on plastic money or on loans.

Recent trends, shows that in India there is also the development of credit cards uses. Every users want to use the credit cards but they don’t know what is the reality of plastic money.

I am going to write down some my opinions, reviews and articles on plastic money. The credit cards is the trust in the bank according to the banks but is it reality?

Credit cards not the easy for common users also but in the European country a common users also use the plastic money, why?

All the questions I want to discuss here around you.